I’m so glad you stopped by to check out the website! My name is David Mullens and I am the pastor at St. Paul. You can find more information about me on the Staff page.

I find serving St. Paul to be a privilege and honor. It is also a lot of fun! I’ve been a pastor for over twenty years and St. Paul means it when they say they are a family! Individuals move to Bloomington for variety of reasons. Some relocate their lives here. Others are here for a short time. It can be difficult getting to know people and finding the support that we all need. What I’ve been told, and what I’m discovering for myself, is St. Paul loves to connect and support each other. We are a family, not by relation, but by the love and grace of Jesus. It is Jesus that draws us together.

So, find a time to come by and visit us. We would love to have you as our guest so one day you might be part of our family!

Dr. Rev. David Mullens.