Installation Sunday

Thank you to incoming and outgoing St. Paul leaders, chairpersons and committee members. Many thanks for your time, talents and willingness to serve St. Paul during 2018, and as we move into 2019!

The Administrative Council voted to move to a new structure in 2019. Instead of having four main administrative committees (Trustee, Finance, SPRC, Ad Council) all the committees are folded into a single board. Installation of our new single board leaders will be held on Sunday, January 20th at both worship services. Single Board Leadership members are:

David Mullens, Pastor

Kevin Osborne (Class of 2020)

Jim Birch (Class of 2020)

Randi Miller (Class of 2020)

Lee Carmichael, Chairperson (Class of 2021)

Brad Randall (Class of 2021)

Dan Helton (Class of 2021)

J.L. Siefers (Class of 2022)

Ellen Sanders (Class of 2022)

John Davenport, Treasurer

Pat McCormick, UMW Representative