News from the Indiana Annual Conference

“Share Your Story” was the theme of the 2015 Indiana Annual Conference held at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. The three-day event had an intentional focus to equip and empower individuals to share their personal stories of faith with the world around them using Joel 1:3 as the scripture reference, which reads, “Tell…

FCJ – The Process

Step 1: Shared Learning Experience (PLD/LLD) What is it? In Step 1, a church establishes a team that meets with teams from other churches in your area for seven monthly learning sessions. This experience will help your team learn key concepts and best practices – tapping into the discoveries of other effective churches and church…

Training Sessions Information

Host Site: Terre Haute United Methodist Temple Address: 5301 U.S. Hwy. 41 S., Terre Haute, IN 47802 Participating Churches: Sullivan First; Terre Haute Mount Pleasant; Bloomington St. Paul Laity Dates: Oct. 3
, Nov. 7, 
Dec. 5, 
Jan. 9, Feb. 6, 
March 5, April 4 (April 23 make-up) Facilitator: Mark Eutsler (

Fruitful Congregation Journey an Introduction

Thank you for being interested in the Fruitful Congregation Journey! Hopefully this information will be helpful as you pray about where you fit into this exciting journey. Here is some general information from our Indiana Conference’s Website: The Fruitful Congregation Journey is a team-based, leadership development discovery process to help churches more effectively fulfill the mission…

A Different Way Part 2

The Ugly Truth Elijah discovered that God was not in the windstorm, the fire, or the earthquake. God came to Elijah in the silence of a whisper (2 Kings 20:12-13). This whisper, or as some translations have it, sheer silence, took Elijah’s breath away. On a silent mountain side, Elijah heard God. Have you grown…

A Different Away Part 1: Noise

Five A.M. arrives. The alarm startles you from deep sleep to instant wake mode. You get out of bed. You get ready. You flip on the TV as you begin to eat a bit before heading out to another day. You get in your car and listen to the news as you drive to work. Once at work, it continues. The noise that is. Everything shouts for your attention.

10 Tips for a Healthy Stay-cation

Vacation planning can sometimes be as stressful as a day job and recent studies have found Americans do not use all their vacation time allotted! How silly is that? De-stressing and time away from jobs helps to re-energize and provides rest (at least it should!). Here are some suggestions to make a vacation a ‘stay-cation’.…