Hygiene Kits

We need your help to assemble and restock Hygiene Kits which are being used for those affected by Hurricane Florence NEXT SUNDAY, September 30th, following the 11:00 worship service in Brashaber Fellowship Hall! You may donate supplies which will go into the kits as well. Needed items are listed below or just grab a list of needed items from bulletin board #2 at the church and bring them next Sunday, September 30th! Questions? Contact Laura Hall.

One hand towel (15 x 25 – 17 x 27 inches) (No kitchen, cleaning or microfiber towels please.)

One washcloth

One comb(Must be sturdy with at least 6 inches of teeth. No pocket combs or picks. Rattail and combs without handles are acceptable but must have at least 6 inches of teeth.)

One toenail or fingernail clipper(No emery boards or metal nail files.)

Bath-size soap (3 oz. bar or larger) (No Ivory or Jergen’s soap. Do not remove from packaging.)

One adult toothbrush(Do not remove from packaging. Personal advertising not acceptable.)

10 adhesive bandages (3/4 by 3 inches) (Common household bandages acceptable.)

One one-gallon size re-sealable bag

These hygiene kits will be used to help those in need during times of disaster. Come be a part of the assembly team on September 30th!