Hey Neighbor Initiative!

Project Popsicle has been an exciting experiment! Our venture into our community has opened our eyes and helped us to make connections we otherwise wouldn’t have made. From kids spotting us in the distance and yelling “Popsicles!” to an unexpected connection with Kroger we have begun learning more about our community. Project Popsicle has definitely taken us out of our comfort zone, but I believe has taught us that something as simple as a Popsicle can open doors that we don’t even know are there. Our hope is that Project Popsicle can continue in different forms throughout the year to build consistency and let our neighborhood know we will continue to be a presence for them to show them love and care. I’m calling this the “Hey Neighbor Initiative”. It’s my prayer that over time we can build relationships with our neighbors which will allow us to speak God’s truth into their lives and create fellow disciples along the way.

For now, we’ll continue passing out Popsicles. If you are interested please let me know, and I’ll hook you up with the Popsicles and wagon!

Laura Hall, Director of Family Ministries (laura@saintpaulbloomington.org)