Pastor’s September 2018 Newsletter Article

In my last newsletter article, I mentioned I was an introvert. Some found that hard to believe. For those who still wonder, it wasn’t a typo. I am an introvert. I’ve taken various assessments and I usually end up around 96% introverted.  


Introverts are stereotyped as being off in a corner, held up in their room, or hunched over a book. I speak to a group of people on Sunday, greet people coming into the church, attend meetings, and socialize. These activities aren’t normally associated with introverts.  


I agree that a lot of what I do doesn’t seem very introvert-like. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: just because I do these things doesn’t mean I’m completely comfortable doing them. I’m most comfortable off in a corner or hunched over a book or computer. My college degree was in computer technology. I have no problem spending hours hunched over a computer. In fact, I enjoy introverted activities because that is who I am. 


When I was in college, my goal was to become a computer programmer. When I started seminary my goal was to get a Doctorate degree, desiring to be an academic. Why did I decide to spend my life doing something that doesn’t come naturally and isn’t always comfortable?  


A foundational choice we must make is whether we will do what we want and are comfortable with or be faithful to what God wants and who he has created us to be. Our choice determines the trajectory of our life. 


Just because we are comfortable doing something or living a certain way doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have different plans. God leads us to places of blessings and when we trust God, we find the plan he has for us is much, much better than the one we create for ourselves. Locked within our comfort zone we may miss the blessings God invites us to. 


I don’t know what my life would have been like had I chosen to be a computer programmer or academic. I do know that Jesus’ call makes my life richer, deeper, and more fulfilled. 


I’m comfortable with the kinds of activities introverts are known for. Nevertheless, I find that I’m able to do things that, at one point, I thought I could never do. God calls me and you to step out of our comfort zones.  As we walk with him in faith, we become more comfortable, growing ever more aligned with his will and way. When we seek to live in faithfulness to God’s call, we discover he takes us to places of blessing.