Book Discussion Opportunity

Last Friday, my friend, Kate, wrote a blog post in response to the latest school shooting, which happened in our hometown of Noblesville. One of the things she said really caught my attention.  “I can be kind, and listen, and show up, and learn people’s names and know their stories. I can teach my kids to be kind, and listen, and show up, and learn names and know stories. Because I simply must do something, today, for my old hometown. And for my new one.”

The book Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in your Kids, isn’t a book just for parents, but I believe for the entire church community. As a parent I believe, no, I KNOW, there will be many times when my children won’t want to listen to me or believe what I am telling them, but if there are other adults that are speaking those same truths into their lives, they may believe those other voices. Let’s read it together over the summer. Once everyone is back from summer traveling and activities, we can get together and talk about what we’ve learned. I believe together, all of the generations represented at St. Paul can have an incredible impact on the next generation and helping them to know what having a relationship with Jesus can do in their lives, not just for now, but in a way that sticks.

If you are interested in reading Sticky Faith you can do so in a number of ways. It is available in digital format from the Amazon Kindle store. It is also available as an audio book from Alternatively, hard copies will be made available in the church office.

Laura Hall, Director of Family Ministries