Pastor’s May 2018 Article

May has arrived! Two big “M’s” of May are Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. We set both days aside to remember those who have made sacrifices and be thankful. Mother’s Day on May 13th reminds us what our mothers have done for us and provides an opportunity to say, “Thank you.”

Memorial Day on May 28th gives us an opportunity to pause, remember, and be thankful for all those who died on the battlefield, making the ultimate sacrifice. We remember that while all gave some, some gave all, giving their lives for our freedom.

Along with these celebrations, May should bring better weather. April showers are gone, giving way to May’s flowers! One of the great things about this time of year is seeing the growth taking place. Bare branches of winter take on new buds and then leaves. Flowers poke up from the once barren tundra. New life bursts forth all around.

God calls us to new life as well by giving opportunities for growth. Spending time in prayerful reading and reflection of Scripture remains one of the best ways to grow in faith. God has given us his Word to guide and direct us. As we intentionally and systematically spend time in God’s word, we grow.

Here are some questions to ask as you read and ponder scripture.

1) What word, phrase, thought, or concept seems to “bubble up” in my mind?
2) Where is God’s grace in this passage?
3) Is there something I should stop?
4) Is there something I should do?
5) Is there a promise to claim?

There are other questions you can ponder as you read. The point is, we grow best when we read Scripture actively. When we read Scripture actively, we interact with God. As God speaks through the passage, we experience new life. Over time, we find buds forming on the bare branches of our life. We find joy poking its head through the frozen tundra of our soul. May you find new life as God speaks to you through Scripture!

May also brings a brand new sermon series called Abide!

Before Jesus was crucified, he gathered his disciples together for one last meal. The Gospel of John records some of the conversation Jesus had with his disciples during their meal.

In John 15, Jesus tells his disciples to abide in him. Throughout May we will look at what it means to abide in Jesus, how we abide, and how abiding in Jesus helps us become all God has created us to be.

It’s May! New life is all around. May you find newness of faith bursting from your life as well.