Pastor’s April 2018 Article

Now What?
It was over. All the work, all the training, and all the preparation were finally over. As I reflected upon the previous six years of staying up late, working hard, and looking forward, the question that formed was, “What now?” Now that I had graduated, what would I do? Would I continue on the same path but without trips to seminary? Would I seek a new appointment? What should I do now?
Whenever a project or season of life ends, the “what now” question appears. Life offers opportunities to plan and do big things. Once completed, we pause, and celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings receptions mark significant and, at times, not so significant milestones. Preparation for our celebrations may take weeks, months or even years. As the big event gets closer, so does our anticipation.
The big event comes. We get married. We graduate. We retire. We celebrate.
There’s a natural letdown. Exhausted and tired, you want to rest and recuperate a while. You worked hard. You are now on “the other side.”
What now? Now that it is over, what do you do? What does it mean to be finished with that chapter of your life?
I wonder what life was like for the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection. What were their thoughts? The resurrection event was over and now they had to deal with a “new” reality. Jesus had been crucified. Then, he rose again. Of course, there was a great celebration and reunion, but what was the long-term meaning of Jesus’ resurrection for the disciples?
After Easter, I will be taking a look at the “after Easter” story of the disciples. I can see them sitting around. Jesus is nowhere to be found. He appeared twice but it has been a while. They may not have said it, but they might have been thinking “what now?”
Maybe you have some “what now?” questions in your life. What now, since I’ve graduated? What now, that the kids are out of the house? What now, since I’m retired? What now, that I’m dealing with health issues? What now, that my life has taken an unexpected turn?
We all have those “What Now?” moments. Come and reflect on how Jesus led the disciples through their “What Now?” Perhaps he can lead us through our what now as well.