Parish Nurse Notes…Your Heart Health

February is National Heart Month and we want strong healthy hearts for all of you!

Small changes can make a BIG difference in your hearts health!

  1. Schedule an appointment with your practitioner to talk about heart health. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take advice and set goals.
  1. Add exercise to your daily routine. Walking 15 minutes 3x a week and then by mid-month increase to 30 minutes 3x a week will help get you to develop an exercise routine.
  1. Increase healthy eating. Limit the number of times you eat out in a week and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and nuts. Limit your intake of salt by substituting fresh herbs and spices.
  1. Take steps to quit smoking. Quitting can decrease your risk for heart disease and stroke.
  1. Take medicines as prescribed for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Know your numbers – be aware of what your BP runs and both cholesterol and triglycerides.
  1. Take a CPR class! A free CPR class will be offered here at the church on Saturday, February 24th from 9am-12noon. Learn the skills of CPR and obstructed airway along with the use of an AED. (Sign-up on the sheet located on bulletin board #2 at the church.)

In His Healing Love, Sarah