December 2017 Pastor’s Article

Traditions, such as putting up the tree, driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, making hot chocolate, throwing open the sash, stomping around on the housetop, or reminding the children that Santa is watching those who are naughty and those who are nice, make Christmas celebrations memorable and meaningful for generations. Perhaps you have fond Christmas memories of a special place you always go, or music you can’t wait to play. Such traditions reinforce the joy of the season.

One of my favorite traditions is watching Christmas movies! There’s nothing better than hunkering down during a long winter night and getting lost watching classic Christmas movies, especially “A Christmas Carol”.

As a kid, the movie freaked me out. Ghosts were scary and some of the Ghosts in “A Christmas Carol” were downright frightful! As an adult, I have grown to appreciate how Charles Dickens was able to capture the spirit of Christmas. Each time I watch and read his wonderful story, I am amazed at the insights I find. I come away with a deeper understanding of myself, this season, and the person I would like to be.

I encourage you to take time to read the book. It isn’t very long and it’s a great way to compare how various movies adapt his story in new and creative ways.

Throughout Advent, I will use “A Christmas Carol” as to explore and connect to Advent and the Good News that Jesus has moved into our world. By looking at Scrooge and his incredible Christmas Night Journey, I hope we can find peace, hope, joy, and love this season.

I look forward to worshiping with you as we journey through the wonderful season of Advent!