A Very Brady Lesson

I love the Brady Bunch episode where Greg writes, what he believes will be, a hit song called “We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter.” He wants to record the song, but doesn’t have the $150 to rent the recording studio. Peter convinces him to have all his brothers and sisters sing since family groups were popular. They could also pool their money for the studio time. Their father, Mike, allows them to pool their allowance, plus, if memory services, gives them advances, so they get the $150 and the recording studio time.

During the rehearsal they noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Peter’s voice was starting to change and was cracking making the song sound bad. They had a problem. If they let Peter sing, the song wouldn’t be very good. If they decided not to record, they would have to forfeit the $150 since it was non-refundable. They could also tell Peter that he wouldn’t be singing, even though he had been an important part of the project. They really wanted him to sing, but how could they? His voice would ruin everything!

The Brady kids discovered that change can be difficult. The change in Peter’s voice threatened all of their plans and dreams.

No wonder we become uneasy with change. We get use to the way things are. We plan. We dream. Change threatens our best laid plans.

Something interesting happened with the Brady kids however. As will all sitcoms, the problem was solved and it took less than 30 minutes. The kids replaced their original song with a new song they wrote called “Time to Change” which highlighted Peter’s voice! The new song was enhanced with the change in Peter’s voice. In the end, they found a way through even when they weren’t sure they could.

The episode parallels what I have experienced throughout life. Change happens. Sometimes change happens at the worse time. Change can cause you to rethink what you were going to do, scrap strategies, and come up with a new plan. When we have all our plans set, we resist change.

Sometimes, God leads us to change. As our life unfolds before us, he leads and guides us to new places. We may have to let go of our plans, if we are going to embrace God’s opportunities.

Many times change is viewed as a threat or problem. What if change wasn’t a threat? What if in every change we looked for opportunity? When I’m open to change, I’m able to look and see the opportunity change brings. Like the Bradys’, we might discover wonderful results.

The Brady kids taught me that change can bring opportunities. When they realized they couldn’t follow their original plan, they looked for an opportunity and found one that led to one of the greatest musical performances in TV history. Well, that last part might not be quite true. The Monkey’s did some pretty good TV musical work as well.

Change happens. If we are alive, we will face change. God leads us to and through change. May you find the opportunities that come with change.