Parish Nurse Notes . . .

June is a great month to start to get healthy, Head to Toe!

For your:

Brain-Reach out and connect; do activities that engage you, especially social.

Teeth-Drink Water; even sugar-free drinks can damage tooth enamel.

Neck and Spine-Look up! Staring down at phones and tablets can cause ‘text neck’ causing pain. Think about elevating the screen.

Arteries-Eat more plants. Your arteries run from your brain to pinky toes; they affect everything.

Bones-Swallow more sunshine. Also think about adding Vitamin D 2,000 units a day.

Lungs-Get snoring checked and treated.

Heart-Track your steps. Shoot for at least 10,000 per day.

Rear-Get off it! Even if you exercise, sitting too much undoes your good work.

Skin-Look at one another. Watch for spots that look suspicious and get them checked.

Ankles-Practice your ABCs. Stretch and move your ankles and feet; check your shoes for wear and if needed, replace.

Knees (and other joints)-Make like a tree. Take a low impact activity like yoga or tai chi to stay flexible and strong.

God loves you and so do we! We wish for everyone a strong and healthy body (mind and spirit)!

In His Healing Light,