Science Spectacular Needs YOU!

Over the course of 6 Sundays this summer (June 18th – July 23rd) our SCIENCE SPECTACULAR – FAITH LAB program needs your help! There is something for everyone! Do you like helping with food? Dancing? Music? Drama? Playing games? Doing amazingly cool science projects? Or do you prefer a more behind the scenes job like gathering materials or decorating? We want to make this our best summer program EVER and to do that we need ALL HANDS ON DECK! Contact Laura Hall today for more information on how you can get involved in serving the families in our community! Contact Laura at

Wish to donate a supply item for the amazingly cool science projects? Find the giant beaker on bulletin board #3 at the church, grab a “scientific bubble” representing a needed supply, then be sure to write your name on the line under the bubble. Place your donation in the designated bin on or before June 11th.