Gathering Class

Using a continual study called The Wired Word, this class applies study and scripture to current events. Led by Lee Carmichael, lessons deal with a topic that has been in the news over the past 2 to 10 days. Whether it’s the hostility in the current U.S. election or the European dilemma over Syrian refugees, the topics are varied and relevant and always have scripture to help us add a Christian perspective to important events or even little-known news stories in the world.

Here is an excerpt from The Wired Word website:
“Bring your lessons and discussions to life … and make them more relevant to modern Christian living … with The Wired Word — the easy, automatic way to weave current events into your weekly Bible studies.
With The Wired Word, you’ll have everything you need to link the latest headlines to appropriate Scripture.
Each weekly installment includes biblical commentary and discussion questions related to a topic in the news that week — sometimes even the same day! Finally, you’ll have a simple way to . . .
· Relate current events to relevant Scripture passages.
· Encourage group dialogue on how the verses covered each week apply to everyday life.
· Engage group members with thought-provoking, stimulating discussions on the messages contained in the biblical texts covered each week.
Perfect for adult Sunday school classes, discipleship classes, membership classes, cell groups, Bible education classes, home Bible studies, mentor relationships, other adult church groups — anywhere you want to apply biblical truths to today’s culture.”

We meet in room B4 and welcome anyone to join in our discussion of bringing Christ into the 21st century.