Pastor’s September Newsletter Article

I, again, thank everyone for a wonderfully warm welcome to St. Paul and the Bloomington area. Your love, care, and concern has been overwhelming. I know I am blessed and honored to be able to partner with you and God in sharing God’s love and pursuing his mission and purpose.

We have much to celebrate over the past few months! The church website is live and looks fantastic! Ian has outdone himself. What a wonderful resource for those who are new to the area and church who want more information about our congregation. We have more than 25 individuals who have signed up to be on the prayer team and are actively praying for the church, its ministry, the staff, and community. We are also moving forward on Fruitful Congregations and finding our team members. Upward soccer is in full swing and kids are not only learning about the game, they are also hearing about Jesus. There is so much to celebrate, I’m sure I’m forgetting some!

We also have much to look forward to! Upward soccer continues. The IU Football Concession begins which is an opportunity to impact the life of a youth. When we serve at the concession stand, we do it so that youth, who might not be able to, will have the opportunity to serve on a mission team, go on a retreat, or join the youth group on an outing. These are strategic activities that can help youth hear and know Jesus. So, by serving on the concession stand, you are impacting someone’s life. Sometimes God gives us opportunity to touch a life directly, other times we are able to do so indirectly. Either way a life is touched and you have the opportunity to participate.

God has given us many opportunities to share his love, grace, and presence with others. Perhaps now is the time to find what God’s mission and purpose is! Not just God’s mission and purpose for the church, but for us individually. What part has God created you to play in his mission?

I plan on starting a new sermon series in September called “Mission Possible – The Mission of God.” God calls. He calls us. He calls us to an incredible and possible mission. At times it might seem like a mission impossible, but where God calls he also provides.

If you have said “yes” to Jesus, then you too have been called to mission. In the month of September we will look at this incredible Mission Possible! Here is my tentative sermon plan.

Sept 6: Mission Possible: Called
Sept 13: Mission Possible: Loved
Sept 20: Mission Possible: Sent
Sept 27: Mission Possible: Renew

For those who are interested, here is my social media contact information:

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